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Down Pressure VS. Boss D-Force VS. Scrape Maxx

Sno-Way’s Down Pressure  hydraulic system is the fastest, most reliable and most efficient, hands down the BEST Down Pressure system on the marked. All Sno-Way plows can have the optional down pressure hydraulics but it is standard on all R – series and 29VHD-Plows. The competition offers it as an accessory for all plows or a specific plow type that is limited to only straight blades.

Sno-Way’s Down Pressure   hydraulic system utilizes a pressure switch as well as a relief to maintain the additional 250# of Down Pressureat the cutting edge at all times.  This allows the cleanup to be 30% more efficient. There is no need to program your controller to utilize this feature like SnowEx, or to touch the control after you have activated down pressure like Boss, simply activate by tapping the joystick to the lower position.

To activate down pressure press the Down Pressure button and you done! The Down Pressure button stays activated until you raise the plow, there is no need to double press buttons or worry about how much pressure is left in the line. The down pressure button will automatically activate as soon as you tap the lower function on the joystick. Because Sno-Way doesn’t have to fill a bladder or reservoir to achieve down pressure the amount of time for the system to build the 250# of down force is almost instant. The down pressure is maintained even with the contour of the road.

This is not the case the D-Force.  When plowing, if the blade is forced up causing the hydraulic fluid to dump over relief, the pressure switch on the Sno-Way Down Pressure  system  will monitor pressure in the valve block and add pressure when needed. Each plow has a pressure switch sized to achieve the optimum amount of down pressure for each size plow.

Sno-Way has developed and tested each plow to handle plowing both forward plowing and back dragging to achieve the best cleanup. Boss’s D-Forceis only recommended to be used when back dragging. The ease of operating Sno-Way’s Down Pressure keeps you focused on the job in front of you with less buttons to press and the ease of operation plowing is more efficient!

4-Sight™ Lighting Accessory for Superior Night Visibility while Plowing

This Blog is about an exclusive accessory that Sno-Way offers that no snow plower should be without.
We named it 4-Sight™ because it adds additional lighting for you when you are plowing.
This is how it works. When you drop your plow to the ground, the two truck lights come on automatically. All you have to do is to add a harness to your Sno-Way plow system and you are ready to go! No switches to use, no extra steps, just operate your plow the way you normally would, and the 4 sight does the rest.
Just consider this, you are plowing at night and every time you drop your plow your truck lights come on and you just doubled your plowing vision. Now you can see what you are doing so your chances of damaging your truck or property are greatly reduced.
I would really encourage you to contact your Sno-Way Dealer and have this option added to your existing plow or when you purchase your next Sno-Way plow have it added; it is a low-cost fix for an urgent need.
Thanks for reading this blog and take some risk out of plowing by adding 4 Sight to your plow.

29 SERIES WITH 4-SIGHTTM (mouse over image to see 4 Sight activation)

Skid Steer Revolution™ Plow

Skid Steer Revolution™ Plow – More than Your Average Skid Steer Box Plow

We combined the advantages of a box plow with the advantages of a straight blade for your skid steer!  Find out why you never want to go back to an ordinary box plow for your skid steer again.

The Revolution™ plow is designed with hydraulically operated wings, allowing the plow to move from a box plow, to a straight blade, to a straight blade with extensions all from the comfort of your skid steer cab.  From the very beginning, the concept was to move a lot of snow while allowing the operator to easily change from one plow configuration to another.

Have You Ever Windrowed with a Box Plow?

While windrowing using the straight blade configuration, you can watch the snow roll as it follows the curved blade cupping the snow forward like you would normally see in a conventional straight blade.  You can use the box plow configuration to move over 6 cu. ft. of snow.  You can configure the wings for any angle allowing you to handle any snow removal job in the best way.

One of the best features of this plow is the full load trip, allowing the plow some give.  So, when you are running at full steam while clearing a parking lot from snow and you hit a large object you did not expect, the plow gives a little and bounces back instead of damaging the plow, skid steer, or the skid steer operator.  In addition to the trip system, the plow also has angle cylinder crossover relief valves to protect your hydraulics if you strike an object.

Watch the Revolution™ Skid Steer Plow Clean in One Pass

This skid steer box plow also has a floating frame and Ground Hugger™ design so that the plow stays on the ground and follows the contour of the plowing surface giving you a clean surface on the first pass.

As you would expect with our skid steer plows, they work with a universal attachment plate and are plug-and-play.  You use the current hydraulic connections already on your skid steer to operate the plow.  The plow is durable with high strength steel, automotive e-coat primer, and military grade powder coat finish.

Make sure your skid steer is ready for winter with the best, most versatile skid steer plow on the market, the Sno-Way Skid Steer Revolution™ plow.

Hydraulic Skid Steer Spreader with Quick Attachment Plate

Skid Steers are great for moving a lot of snow fast, but it sure is a pain to come through with a truck later to spread salt. Many years ago, we introduced a hydraulic spreader into the market to eliminate the need for spreading with a truck allowing your skid steer can do it all!

Features Common to All Sno-Way 10 cu. ft. and Smaller Spreaders

  • High Flow Hoppers with Chunk Busters: Your salt or other spreading product isn’t likely to get stuck. We have engineered the slope of the spreader to ensure it will always feed down and the chunk busters break up any chunks when they reach the hole that feeds to the spinner.
  • Poly Hopper: Your hopper will never rust because the durable poly hoppers won’t corrode!
  • Hard Top Lid: The form fitted, durable lids will last the life of your spreader. The lid keeps water, snow, and other undesirables out of your salt.
  • Superior Coatings: The frame has an e-coat primer and military grade powder coat finish. That means the finish on your frame will last a very long time.
  • Great Flow and Spread Pattern: We engineer all our spreaders to have some of the most even spread patterns in the industry. You can regulate the flow to be as fast or slow as you want, giving you precision spreading your materials.

Features of the Sno-Way Hydraulic Skid Steer Spreader

  • Hydraulic Power for Convenience: Use the hydraulics on your skid steer to power your spreader.
  • Large 10 cu. ft. hopper: Take less trips to refill your spreader with a full 10 cu. ft. of available space to hold salt.
  • Quick Attachment Plates: Get a universal quick attachment plate for your spreader to allow for easy on and easy off of this spreader. You can literally take off your Sno-Way skid steer plow and hook-up your spreader in about 5 minutes on a cold day with gloves on!

We have kept the basic design of this spreader the same for many years now because our customers rave about how well it works.  Since the spreader performs so well consistently year over year, why mess with a good thing?

Put your skid steer to good work this winter by adding our easy to use, quality, American Made hydraulic skid steer spreader.  Learn more about our 10 cu. ft. hydraulic skid steer spreader here!

Sno-Way Revolution™ Plow vs. V-Plows and Extendable Plows

The Sno-Way Revolution™ Plow was designed from the ground up to be the ultimate plow for all of your needs.  The plow is all about doing “more” and so it has many advantages over the typical v-plow and extendable plows.  We took the idea from the movable wings on v-plows and married those wings to a straight blade giving you the best of all worlds.

The secret is in our patented, hydraulically activated, 13 ½” wide wings.   Your options for moving a lot of snow become almost endless all from the comfort of the cab of your truck.  If you get a straight blade with extensions, you normally get only a 20 degree angle and those extensions get in the way of windrowing.  The Sno-Way Revolution™ Plow has the technology to change that angle anywhere from 0-90° providing you with almost endless ways to move snow (the wings actually fold in further than 90° for transport, but we know you wouldn’t plow that way). 

Move More Snow

A typical 9’ straight blade can push about 1.0 cu. yd. of snow.

A typical V-Plow can push up to 4.3 cu. yd. of snow when using an inverted V configuration.

The Sno-Way Revolution™ Plow can push up to 6.1 cu. yd. of snow!

That is over 40 cu. yd. more snow than a 9′ straight blade!  It is not rocket science.  A box plow can always move more snow.  We like to think you are getting the best of all worlds with the ability of the Revolution™ plow to change from a straight blade to a box plow and then back to a straight blade on the fly, simply by pushing a button.

Clear a Wider Path

Normally you max out at a 9’ Blade on most trucks whether you are using a straight blade or a v-plow. Let’s face it, it is hard to transport a 10’ plow down the road and your normal 120” plow is too heavy for lighter trucks.  We designed the Revolution™ plow with high strength steel to be more durable than the competition, yet light enough to mount on a ¾ ton truck, and with our Down Pressure™ technology, you will get a better clean on a single pass than the average blade.

The best part is, with the Revolution™ plow, pushing a button will shrink the 10’ wide straight blade down to a transport position making the Revolution™ as easy to transport the highways as a 9’ wide straight blade.


The Sno-Way Revolution™ plow marries the versatility of a v-plow with the benefits of a wide straight blade with extensions.  You can get the excellent curb cleaning capabilities the extensions on a straight blade offer you and then seconds later reap the benefits of the Revolution™ plow’s huge snow pushing capacity.

The Sno-Way programmable controllers are one of the secrets to the effectiveness of the Revolution™ plow.  You can program in certain configurations for your plow (like cleaning a curb on the left side, curb cleaning on the right side, box plow mode, etc.) so with a touch of a button you can move your plow into any of your favorite configurations.

The Ultimate Snow Plow

When you add together the Sno-Way Revolution™ plow with our Down Pressure™ system applying 250 psi of force on the blade edge against the ground, the Pro Control™ advanced controllers, EIS™ and 4Sight™ advanced lighting systems, and Drive-In™ truck mounting system, you have a plow like no other allowing you to get more done than any other plow on the market for every minute you are on the clock.  Move more snow today with the Revolution™ plow!

29 SERIES WITH 4-SIGHTTM (mouse over image to see 4 Sight activation)

UTV Trip-edge Plow and Spreader Combo

UTVs are great maintenance vehicles because of their compact design allows great maneuverability on sidewalks, walkways, and tight to fit or pedestrian heavy areas.  Unfortunately, there are few options for UTVs when it comes to a quality blade and spreader combination when it comes to fighting winter’s battles.  The problem for manufacturers is there are so many different kinds of ATVs and UTVs that it was hard to design and manufacturer plows and spreaders economically.


Yet we have been there…looking at that long stretch of empty sidewalk, wanting to run the ¾ pickup down the path to get that snow clear.  Of course, the blade is too wide and you never know when you will come up to a pedestrian…even at 3 in the morning.


Somebody Ought To…

“Somebody ought to make a better UTV plow so I can clear these narrow walks quicker” was what we heard time and time again.  So we went to work to not only make a great UTV plow, but one with a trip-edge to give you all the same benefits of a truck plow mounted on the smaller UTV.


It used to be that plowing with a UTV was either really slow (in case you hit something), or you learned the hard way to slow down when you damage your UTV and maybe you even hit the steering wheel while you were at it.  We were the first we know of to engineer a UTV trip edge blade where the blade hops over the obstacles without hurting you or the UTV and you are off and running (check out this video below).



We don’t know of another UTV blade where you can plow as fast safely with as clean a surface as a truck plow.  Even better, you can get a Sno-Way v-plow on your UTV too!  Other features on the plow include:

Triple-Coat Protection on the Blade and Frame

  • Zinc phosphate wash
  • Automotive E-Coat primer
  • Military grade powder coat

Trip Edge Blade Design

  • The blade edge gives instead of jolting the UTV and driver!

Enclosed Hydraulic System

  • We matched the amp draw with what your UTV can handle
  • The Hydraulics means you can plow a lot faster!

Direct Hydraulic Lifting System

  • Faster lift speed than traditional systems
  • Maximizes stacking height compared to other options

Couple your UTV plow with UTV Spreader!

What good is a plow on a UTV if you have to make a second trip to spread salt with another piece of equipment?

You can get a 4, 6, or 10 cubic foot spreader as a receiver spreader or a larger v-box spreader for the bed of your UTV.  Designed with professionals in mind, you will be able to count on these spreaders to work hard and provide even spread of salt on surfaces you are treating.

Spreader Features include:

  • A controller that integrates with your plow controller for less controls
  • Durable poly and or stainless-steel materials make up the body for a long-lasting spreader
  • Fully enclosed hopper to keep snow and rain out
  • Hopper walls are designed for maximum flow for a clog free experience
  • One harness supplies all of the power from the battery to the hopper, with a water-tight Duetsch connector and seal to connect them. The harness is plug and play for accessories. No cutting or splicing.

To get more information about the UTV Plows and Spreaders, be sure to visit our main website!

Preparing Your Spreader for Winter

When you see the leaves changing colors it is a good time to pull out your spreader and get it ready for winter use.  Preparing the spreader out now is easier and less stressful than waiting until 4 hours before the first winter storm so always check over your spreader before the snow flies!   Just as important, prepare the vehicle you use with the spreader so you are ready to battle winter.

 Half-Ton Truck Snow Plow

Get your vehicle ready.

  • Clean your vehicle’s cab and bed of any items you do not need during snow and ice removal. Extra junk just sets you up for problems later.
  • Check your battery. It is common for a battery that works fine in summer to lack capacity to keep your plow and spreader running during snow events.  Your battery might only be two or three years old yet testing might show it needs replacement.  Test your battery under load so you really know if it can hack the work load.
  • Check all fluids, links, and joints and have all of your routine service work done.

Visually Inspect Wiring and hardware.

  • Check main power harness and any accessory harnesses on both the spreader and the truck. Look for frayed cables and loose connectors.  Make sure all connections are tight and clean from corrosion and be sure you don’t have any damaged wires.
  • Check to make sure the harness is properly routed and free from any pinch points. Clean and fix your harness if anything looks wrong.  Finally, make sure the connectors have plenty of di-electric grease on them.
  • Check all hardware to make sure it is clean and tight.

Grease the Bearings

  • Your spreader may have a steel bearing with a grease fitting or it may have a poly bearing. Hopefully you cleaned all the salt and debris out and greased the bearings before you put the spreader away in the spring.
  • Double check the bearings are free of debris and it won’t hurt to grease the bearings again.
  • Make sure that the shaft inside the bearing moves freely and is not seized to the bearing itself.

Check the Drive Linkage

  • If you have a direct drive (PDE/RVB spreader) make sure the shaft has anti-seize applied for easy removal. Ensure the hardware is tight.
  • If your spreader has a belt drive (tail gate spreader), make sure the belt tensioner moves freely and that the belt is properly tensioned.

Test the Spreader

  • Connect the main power harness from the truck to the spreader.
  • Connect your control to the control harness inside the cab.
  • Power on the control to operate the spreader.
  • Make sure the spreader is running free and does not sound labored.
  • If your spreader is equipped with a belt and tensioner, make sure the belt is not slipping nor too tight.

Maintenance instructions can be found in your spreader’s owner’s manual available on Sno-Way’s website at  If any parts or service is needed please contact your authorized Sno-Way dealer. A full list of Sno-Way dealers in your area can be found on Sno-Way’s website at or click on the “Retailers” tab at the top of the home page at



Sno-Way Stronger Smarter Better Through Innovation Shield

Why Sno-Way is Better



Sno-Way has always been known as an innovator.  You can just look at our beginnings when we started in 1978 building plows for 4 wheel drive cars.  We developed the first see through polycarbonate plow and then put the hydraulics out on the plow with electric operated valves and coils, eliminating levers and cables to operate the plow.  Sno-Way then became the first to allow you to remove the plow from the truck so the truck had the original factory look.  Fast forward a few years, Sno-Way introduced reactive Down Pressure™ to the market. The innovation allows you with a touch of a button to put additional hydraulic force on the cutting edge.  Just engage the system and it monitors itself, maintaining the scraping pressure on the cutting edge until you decide to turn it off. This system allows you to scrape surfaces cleaner, move more snow ,and reduce the time spent plowing by about 30{c53c55f4bb92aaa36c336038b9d64d217ed6b161192bdb527eb10b6bdf17bbbb}.

Recent Innovations


More innovation followed when we introduced wired and wireless microprocessor based cab controls allowing you to have a single control operate every style of plow that Sno-Way produces.  You get complete flexibility to move plows from truck to truck during a storm without any wasted time. We also included programs in the control allowing you to train your plow to do multiple functions with one push of a single button, like moving a raised plow down and right all at once with a one-and-done click of a single button saving you time and keeping your focus on the snow and not the control.

The same control you use to control the plow will also control the Tailgate spreader on the back of the truck bringing you down to only one control for all your work and reducing the amount of wire that is brought into the cab compartment. Decluttering your cab and keeping one control hand saves you a lot of headaches over operating operating two separate controls.

Better Lighting Systems

Another innovation that Sno-Way introduced is the EIS Light System to control the plow and truck lights. Other systems depend on relays to control the truck and plow lights.  The problem with mechanical relays is that they are a pain to install and they wear out and corrode if not properly maintained.  When the relays fail you either lose your truck lights, plow lights or both, and by the way…it is expensive to replace relays.  None of these scenario work for you because if you need the lights and have none, you are shut down and done working.  The EIS Light System that Sno-Way designed does not require any mechanical relays and this eliminates the entire bad situation that I just described because the relays can’t wear out or corrode because there are none in this system.


29 SERIES WITH 4-SIGHTTM (mouse over image to see 4 Sight activation)

Another system Sno-Way developed that works with the EIS Light System is a system we named 4-Sight™. This system is a harness that is added to the plow and taps into the EIS Light System that will turn on the truck lights every time the plow is in the down position. When you put the plow down, the plow lights and the truck lights are on at the same time! This gives you double the lights that you would normally have.  Who does not want more light when it is 2 A.M. in the morning? You need to see where you are plowing, your eyes are tired from being up for 36 hours, more light makes the job a whole lot easier. The best thing is anytime you touch the up button on the control to raise the plow, the truck lights go out automatically, so you do not have the truck lights reflecting off the back of the plow.

Innovation in Spreaders Too!


I have spent a lot of time explaining about plow innovation but I would be remiss if I did not talk about our latest innovation, our Revolution V-Box Spreaders. We designed a dual control auger drive system that will dispense any materials you need to spread to melt ice.  This spreader does it all with our combination of an inverted vee system and our RS Control that makes this system truly revolutionary. The inverted vee gives you the flexibility to adjust the system to match the material that you need to spread. Our inverted vee system can be raised, lowered, have sections opened up, or completely remove sections to maximize the amount of material that will flow.


When you combine the inverted vee system with the RS Control, you have a match made in heaven (or at Sno-Way in this case). The control monitors the auger system to maintain the speed of the auger and the amount of power needed to maintain the auger speed.  With other controls, you need to reduce the voltage to the electric motor in order to decrease the speed of the auger.

The problem with the voltage is that it also reduces the torque  the motor has to turn the auger.  The resulting loss of torque means the auger cannot handle the loads of the material and just stops moving the auger, stopping the material flow at low flow, which means you have to shovel out the material from the spreader to reduce the load on the auger…not a good situation for you.

The RS Control is Your “Cruise Control”

The RS Control works like the cruise control on your truck, if you are going up a hill and you need more power, the truck automatically down shifts and increases the throttle, when you get to the top of the hill it up shifts and reduces the throttle so you maintain your speed. The RS Control basically does the same thing, when you have the control set to half speed, the control will monitor the auger and as the load changes on the auger it will increase or decrease the power to maintain the speed of the auger you have set.

The control also monitors the vibrator or vibrators in the system.  When you put the system in auto mode, it will automatically turn the vibrator or vibrators on and off as needed. We developed this feature because the vibrator can help you or hurt you if left on too long or not long enough. If left on too long, the vibrator can pack the material so tight that the material stops flowing into the auger creating an empty cavity just above the auger, which means the spreader stops spreading.

If the vibrator or vibrators are not left on long enough, the material does not break up so you lack enough flow of material to the auger and you end up with the same problem, material not getting to the auger, which means the spreader stops spreading.  With the system in auto mode, the vibrator or vibrators operate on their own and your driver concentrates on driving the truck, not on operating the vibrator system.

Auto Mode for the Wetting System!

With auto mode we can also operate the wetting system.  This system is really slick because when you increase or decrease the auger speed, the wetting system output increases or decreases automatically to maintain the salt wetting ratio of the material. This way you are not over wetting and wasting material or under wetting and not achieving your desired results. This control has even many more features built into it and you can get more information from our website where we show you the RVB Spreaders and the RS Control.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.  I hope you found it informative and understand that we will continue to be THE market leader in innovation. For more information on all of our products see our website www. or better yet contact one of our dealers.

Sno-Way Stronger Smarter Better Through Innovation Shield

Why Sno-Way is Stronger

Written by: Terry Wendorff, President of Sno-Way, Intl.

Sno-Way has this badge on all of its literature, STRONGER, SMARTER, BETTER THROUGH INNOVATION.  I would like to explain to you what this means to us at Sno-Way and how we live it every day.

Sno-Way V-Plow

We talk about STRONGER because Sno-Way products are stronger, even though we are much lighter than our competitor’s products. We started in the mid 1990’s to use high strength low alloy steels, what this accomplished is that we get more strength using half the thickness of the steel, which translates into less over all weight in the product. We realized way back then that the front axle ratings on trucks were going to get lighter and softer so we would have car like rides in our trucks. We also knew that it just made much more sense for the truck and the suspension, that it would last longer and have lower maintenance cost if the plow is lighter. People know if we carry less weight on our bodies our joints such as hips, knees and feet last longer. No different for trucks, if the front end does not have to carry as much weight it is easier on the suspension, ball joints and tires therefore less maintenance cost and down time. The lighter product requires less power from your electrical system when you are functioning the plow, even with two batteries and a strong charging system with all the other electronic gadgets that we use today electrical systems are taxed to the max and by using less power you can operate longer without running the batteries out of power.

Another area our design utilizes high strength low alloy steel is in the blade frame. We use a formed channel on the bottom of the blade, which gives the blade structure extra torsional strength without the use of additional gussets or tubes so that the blade does not bend. By using high strength low alloy steel we are able to use thinner gauge steel and eliminate the extra parts needed for strength, combined with high strength low alloy steel ribs we take that extra load off the front of your truck without sacrificing strength.

Let’s examine the paint process that we use to give you a STRONGER paint job. First we pickle the parts which in essence is an acid etch to remove any weld varnish or mill scale from the surface of the material for better paint adhesion. Then we wash the parts with RO water (Reverse Osmosis) this means we take the city water and take all the impurities out of the water so we are washing the parts with pure water. We all know that if the base metal is not cleaned properly the paint will not adhere to the metal. Then we coat the material with a zinc phosphate wash for an extra layer of rust protection, this treatment is what makes the paint to adhere to the metal. Then we prime the parts with a liquid e coat for another layer of rust protection. Finally we paint with ultra violet stable powder paint for final top coat. What you end up with is a triple coat coating that provides the best salt spray hours in the industry. So you end up with the strongest paint quality in all the industry. If we take this kind of care in designing and painting our products you know you are getting the best that anyone has to offer.

Sno-Way Stronger Smarter Better Through Innovation Shield

Why Sno-Way is a Smarter Plow

Written by: Terry Wendorff, President of Sno-Way, Intl.

Sno-Way has this badge on all of our literature, STRONGER, SMARTER, BETTER THROUGH INNOVATION.  I would like to explain to you what this means to us and how we live it every day.

Our products work SMARTER because of the way they are designed. One example is our direct lift linkage; we use a Lift Bar Bell Crank System. This system provides some advantages that a chain lift system does not offer; I will cover a few examples of the benefits. An advantage this system provides is for a smoother transport ride, because the plow is not bouncing up and down as you travel on the road, this helps protect your suspension on your truck. This system provides higher stacking capability and a positive stop for the plow that will transfer the stack loads across the total structure of the plow, rather than into the truck frame. We have a mechanical lift advantage with the Lift Bar Bell Crank System so we draw less power from the trucks electrical system when you are lifting the plow. This translate into the trucks electrical system lasting longer because it is not being over taxed, this will allow the operator to stay out longer in the field moving more snow.

I will give you another example of an area of the plow that we have a SMARTER design that basically goes unnoticed. In our a-frame and swing frame weldments, we are using structural tubing to increase strength, decrease weight and increase flexible strength. By using the structural tubing we develop a much stronger cross sectional strength, than using angle iron and welding plate to the angle to make it into a tube. By using structural tubing we gain flexible strength that allows this area to flex when they are in load conditions. This stops the parts from taking a set and then causing the parts to crack and then break apart and fail. This SMARTER design keeps you working on your job, and reduces your overall maintenance cost over the life of the product.

To look at another example of SMARTER let’s look at our 29VHD Plow. This plow is a full trip plow with double acting cylinders and an easy mounting system. What sets this Vee plow apart from all the other Vee plows in the market is the Max Adjusts System.

This system allows you to adjust and level the plow to match the truck that you are plowing with. The system makes sure you have the best chance of scrapping the surface clean with a Vee plow. If you need to transfer another manufactures Vee plow from one truck to another truck you need to make a major adjustment to re level the plow. You will need to take it to the shop to disassemble and move the a- frame to another mounting hole, this can take two to three hours just to get it back to level for a different truck. Then consider as the truck suspension changes or the wear strips wear uneven you normally have no adjustment. With the Sno-Way MAX ADJUST SYSTEM you just take a single wrench and turn it and watch the head rotate until you have it level with the surface. Talk about time savings, the fact that you are plowing with a blade that is level and cleaning down to the surface, reduces your plowing time and makes you more money.

Our latest development is really revolutionary; and it is our family of “R” Series plows. We designed a family of plows that has a wing on each side of the blade. The wings are attached to a hinge which rotates around the end of the blade. The advantage of this hinge system is that you have full control from zero degrees to 90 degrees, so you can make this plow into a full box plow or have one wing open and one wing close for windrowing. Being able to make this plow into a box plow you can put the snow where you want it. This is especially helpful when you are plowing a parking lot and vehicles are already parked there, you won’t be moving snow behind and underneath the vehicles because you control the wings and therefore where the snow is moved.

The hinge system also keeps the wear strips flat on the ground, unlike the plows, that have wings that slides out of the blade ends, they cannot keep the wear strip flat on the ground which means less surface cleaning. Another concern is with the slide out wings can only be rotated about 30 degrees and if you should bend one of the slides out wings, good luck getting them to function and repairing them. With the “R” Series plows you can flat out move more snow. So if you are currently using a Vee plow and using it mainly in the scoop position, so you can carry snow, then it’s time to change plows and put a “R” Series plow on your truck. When you combine the” R” Series plow with Down Pressure you will cut your plowing time in about half. I cannot think of a better way to increase your productivity so you can take on more accounts and make more money.
So I hope you can see that with the examples I provided, we not only live the word SMARTER we provide you with SMARTER plowing solutions.