4-Sight™ Lighting Accessory for Superior Night Visibility while Plowing

This Blog is about an exclusive accessory that Sno-Way offers that no snow plower should be without.
We named it 4-Sight™ because it adds additional lighting for you when you are plowing.
This is how it works. When you drop your plow to the ground, the two truck lights come on automatically. All you have to do is to add a harness to your Sno-Way plow system and you are ready to go! No switches to use, no extra steps, just operate your plow the way you normally would, and the 4 sight does the rest.
Just consider this, you are plowing at night and every time you drop your plow your truck lights come on and you just doubled your plowing vision. Now you can see what you are doing so your chances of damaging your truck or property are greatly reduced.
I would really encourage you to contact your Sno-Way Dealer and have this option added to your existing plow or when you purchase your next Sno-Way plow have it added; it is a low-cost fix for an urgent need.
Thanks for reading this blog and take some risk out of plowing by adding 4 Sight to your plow.

29 SERIES WITH 4-SIGHTTM (mouse over image to see 4 Sight activation)

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